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Pauline Sunhee Choi is a Korean born Canadian artist based in Paris. After completing her studies in film and experimental art at the Ontario College of Art and Design she attended the graduate study off-campus program in New York. Choi then proceeded to teach at OCAD before moving to Paris with an award from the Cité Internationale des Arts. Choi subsequently taught at the Parsons School of Design in Paris. She has exhibited her work extensively and received awards in Canada, Europe, and Korea.


Choi’s early practice as a filmmaker influenced two central aspects of her paintings: her interest in the play between shadow and light and her desire to inscribe the passage of time into her work. Her Luminous Works are executed on a semi-transparent, film-like material called mylar, which is lit from behind by slim luminescent panels of LED light. The artist builds up layers of color on this unusual base, working in traditional oils but sometimes drawing into the paint. 


Choi draws the subjects of her Luminous Works from the vast arena of nature: night skies, dark forests, radiant flowers. Her preoccupation with nature, together with the scroll-like format of her mylar paintings, recall elements of traditional Asian art, not least the ‘spirit of resonance’ or vitality, which alludes to a flow of energy through an artist and their work.

Choi’s Luminous Works exist in various formats, ranging from easel-size works for the wall to full-scale installations. 

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